Individual walking tour of China Town

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Duration: 2 hours
Dates: Everyday, 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, 16:30, 18:30
Difficulty: Low
Children: Yes, over 10 years old

If you think that China-city is a territory for the same subway, then you need to visit our tour. We will tell you that in fact, China Town starts from Red Square, borders on the north with the Okhotny series, the Theater Square and the Theater Passage, in the east – with the Lubyanka and Old Squares, in the south – with the Moscow River.

In addition, you will learn:
• where did this name come from – China-city;
• where the first Moscow university was opened;
• where and when the first high-rise building was built in Moscow;
• where the first Moscow printing house was opened;
• where the tears from the train MV. Lomonosov;
• how in the past attracted buyers
• where the first signs appeared;
• and who actually came up with Kinder-surprise.

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