Individual Walking Tour Around Zamoskvorechy

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Duration: 3-4 hours
Dates: Everyday, Individual
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Children: Yes, over 12 years old

Individual walking tour of Zamoskvorechy. We can arrange an excursion in just 2 hours notice!

Excursion around the area, which for centuries avoided the cardinal rebuilding. Zamoskvorechye keeps an imprint of different Moscow eras. Traditional stone chambers in which the memory of Ivan the Terrible is commemorated, are adjacent to the empire mansions built after the famous fire of 1812. And there and then – merchant profitable houses of the end of the XIX century.

You will learn:
• about the early history of Zamoskvorechye;
• how the inhabitants of Zamoskvorechye left their memory of themselves in the names of the streets;
• about famous merchants who influenced the appearance of the district;
• How they lived in Zamoskvorechye about a century ago.
• Why Zamoskvorechye survived during the Soviet era;
• about the most interesting houses in the area;
• about the famous Tretyakov Gallery;
• What is the contribution of Russian merchants Tretyakov and Bakhrushin into the history of Zamoskvorechye and the city as a whole.

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