Exotic Wonders of the Moscow

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Duration: Half day
Dates: Everyday, 09:45, 14:30
Difficulty: Medium
Children: Yes, over 10 years old

The most “tasty” author’s excursion is a new gastronomic tour with tasting dishes of exotic cuisines of the peoples of the world!
We go to the most unusual corner of the capital, with an incredible, colorful and very special atmosphere! Such a concentration of cultures of different nations you will not find anywhere else, not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. Representatives of 450 nationalities from 146 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas live, study, work, fall in love and … eat. Today we will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing traditions, customs, culinary preferences and gastronomic preferences of the inhabitants of the most distant and exotic countries in the colorful campus of the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples (PFUR).

During a pleasant stroll in the campus of the PFUR, we are waiting for fascinating discoveries and real gastronomic revelations in the most popular national cafes, where foreign students breakfast, lunch and dine. We are waiting for the most interesting historical divertissements and the “underside” of the life of the Moscow student “dormitory”, funny cases from the life of students and the history of visits to the Peoples’ Friendship University of the first persons of the state.
Throughout the excursion we will “look” into student cafes, taste the dishes of the national cuisines of the world and get acquainted with the amazing traditions of different peoples.

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